Q1. What is your geographic coverage area?

MyAMC provides residential valuation services across the country.
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Q2. Where are your Corporate offices located?

14881 Quorum Drive, Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75254.

Q3. What are the live support team’s hours of operation?

7:00 am to 7:00 pm CST, Monday through Friday.

Q4. Describe your approach to establishing appraiser fees.

MyAMC is fully compliant with Federal AIR Regulations regarding Customary and Reasonable appraiser compensation. We adhere to a “fixed margin” pricing policy to ensure that vendor quality, not price, drives selection at the transactional level.

Q5. How often do you pay appraisers?

Our appraisers are paid bi-monthly for completed orders. Invoices are automatically generated and forwarded to our accounting group for processing. Per state and federal guidelines, MyAMC provides a transparent breakdown of both the client and vendor fees.

Q6. Describe your appraiser assignment/rotation process.

MyAMC uses automated assignment technology to ensure that appraisers are selected based on: strong past performance, current workload, and geographical competency radius.

Q7. Describe the tracking and follow up procedures you use to ensure the timely completion of orders.

The MyAMC Customer Support Team uses proprietary appraisal management software to closely monitor the progress of the order, and to proactively manage each critical milestone. Customers receive automated status notifications, so there is complete visibility to the process at all times.

Q8. Does your system have detective controls to identify properties where there has been a prior appraisal at materially different value?

Yes - MyAMC’s proprietary order management platform allows us to track appraisals by both physical address and appraised value. We have excellent visibility to value variances and job times.

Q9. Can you accommodate client specific overlays?

Yes - MyAMC’s proprietary order management platform allows us to customize valuation protocol for clients at the transactional level.

Q10. What is the cost to appraisers/vendors for signing up with MyAMC and/or for doing assignments for MyAMC?

There are no vendor enrollment costs, nor are there vendor costs associated with assigning individual orders.

Q11. Is your client base primarily mortgage lenders or are you more diverse?

A prospective client for MyAMC is any organization that has a need for residential valuation services. We are pleased to say that we have strong relationships across a full spectrum of mortgage origination channels - Credit Unions, local and regional banks and correspondent lenders. Importantly, we are also able to support back of the house operational needs - post-closing QC groups, and state mandated QC audit groups.

Q12. What is your process for enrolling appraisers? How do you ensure that your panel appraisers are, in fact, good appraisers?

MyAMC leverages automated technology to scrub our entire vendor panel against at least 12 different investor and agency ineligible rosters monthly. Additionally, each vendor submitting an enrollment request is subject to a rigorous vetting process, including an audit of past work samples, reference validation, and checks against both HUD and ACS websites.