About us

MyAMC, LLC opened its doors in 2004 under the name A1 Closing Services, Ltd. In December 2013, we rebranded as MyAMC, a name that more accurately describes our market offering – nationwide residential valuation services. Our purpose is to deliver the highest quality appraisals that are compliant with investor, state, and federal Appraiser Independence Requirements. We provide a full spectrum of valuations for all mortgage origination channels: banks, credit unions, wholesalers, and brokers. We offer post-closing quality control services to lenders and investors. We also provide solutions for AMC’s looking to expand into new markets.

Our goal is to optimize customer satisfaction through consistent performance – quality, speed, and compliance. Investing heavily in technology and people, we look for every opportunity to innovate and enhance the user experience. Our customers can easily access our subject matter experts, without having to leave voicemails or endure automated answering services. We believe that these investments provide a solid foundation for sustainable customer relationships.

The principals of continuous improvement are deeply engrained in our organizational culture. We recognize and reward new ideas within our organization. We seek feedback from our customers and vendor panel to drive improvement. Above all, we place a premium on our relationships with stakeholders.

ValuLink, our proprietary appraisal management software, is agile and intuitive. Our customers can implement their business rules - integration with LOS and B2B exchanges, remittance requirements, order status notifications, performance reporting, compliance controls, QC, exclusionary lists, and UCDP submission.

Sean Bobbitt - Managing Director Sean is the Managing Director for MyAMC. He brings more than 25 years of leading top performing teams in the lending business, including consumer, home equity, forward and reverse mortgages. His recent role included EVP of Operations at American Advisors Group and AVP of Processing and Closing at Navy Federal Credit Union. His has held other key leadership roles at PNC Mortgage, Indymac Bank, Chase and Wells Fargo. Sean's background has given him a wide scope of insight and application of continuous process improvements, service excellence and technology integration. He is a former member of the United States Air Force. Bart Miller – Vice President of Operations Bart Miller is the Vice President of Operations for MyAMC. With over 25 years in the Appraisal Management industry, Bart’s knowledge spans from serving as the Senior Vice President and Chief Appraiser at Landsafe, followed by 10 years as Executive Vice President of Operations at Orisyn Research, a private Residential Valuation and Forensics company. Miller has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Austin College.

Frank Towery, SRPA – Vice President, Licensing and Compliance With over 40 years in the valuation industry, Frank brings a broad background, including over 15 years in the Appraisal Management industry. He has served as Compliance Officer at ATI Valuations, Valuation Compliance Officer at ServiceLink, and Vice-President Business Control Manager at LandSafe. Frank is a Certified General Appraiser in Colorado, Florida, and Texas, and holds the SRPA designation from the Appraisal Institute. He has extensive field experience as both a residential and commercial appraiser, bringing a multi-faceted perspective to the appraisal management space. His hands-on appraisal experience, coupled with his operations and compliance background serve MyAMC well in all areas of compliance, plus recruiting, and license maintenance. Frank will be engaging and working with our valuation and lending partners.